How will VR, Sex Toys, and even Machines Affect Society?

I do not think you really understand how serious the consequences of technology might have on society in the future. With sex machines, VR, and porn only becoming more popular and frequent, isn’t it only a matter of time before we start to crumble as a society due to lack of desire? That single men buy a sex robot / sex doll / VR sex or similar (you may also include prostitution here) and renounce real women is no problem, but if this happens on a large scale, it’s not just feminists and gold-diggers who will suffer, but society in general.

Male sexuality and longing for female closeness is a UNIQUE driving force in society. Pubs, restaurants, cinemas, holiday trips, etc. mm. Get a big part of their money from men wanting to impress women. Career, overtime work, sports performance, music, yes, what any men do, is done to some extent to impress women.

Will Sex Robots Ruin Society?

With sex robots, anybody with sufficient finances can get a super sexy “woman” ordered as desired. Only the most beautiful women can compete with this. In addition, a sex doll puts up everything, requires nothing and makes sexuality unilaterally geared to satisfying men’s needs. What bride can compete with that?

We will create a gloomy future where men only make a minimal effort to get money for basic needs, because the rest of the needs will be filled by a robot. It removes all incentives to perform, develop or engage in something.



And this isn’t just a US problem, but rather a global epidemic. It’s probably even more prominent in a lot of European countries. Take Germany for instance. You can hop online and grab a “fuck machine” die besten Fickmaschinen kaufen, or a “jerk machine” wichsmaschine, with the click of a button. No matter where you are in the world, it’s getting men raging horny and replacing women. They have nothing to offer a man anymore. (In addition to any totally submissive supernatural focusing exclusively on his husband’s needs). It is 50% of humanity that will be affected in the next 50 years I believe. Increase it to 100% as the years go by, as men will lose the need to perform.

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