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Penthouse Magazine selects Atlanta Artist Sid Maurer as an official artist to memorialize some of the most
popular Penthouse Pets, including Penthouse Pet of the Year Julie Strain (1993) ... [Read More]

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About Me
I was Penthouse Pet Of The Year in 1993. I was 31 years old when that happened, I'm now 53.

Being named Pet Of The Year funded the beginning of my career. I showed the world my pussy
and grew a set of balls.

"I just had a one hundred percent commitment to success and no regard at all for the "rules" of
show business. I talked my way into auditions and took every role I was offered, working to
develop my acting skills and a screen image that I hoped would appeal."

I've been called Queen Of The B Movies. Some of you may know me as Heavy Metal's fakk2 or Judge
Julie on Playboy TVs Sex Court, or from the Artwork of Olivia, Luis Royo, Simon Bisley to name just
a few. Then some know of me because of the classic B Movies by the late great Andy Sidaris.

Mom wanted me to be Miss America, but that plan took a de-tour through being discovered in Vegas
and then bumping into Penthouse photographer Suze Randall who seriously wanted me to pose for
Penthouse Magazine. I told Suze, "if you give me a horse on a beach for my centerfold, I'm yours"
The first four photos of 1991 centerfold are me on the beach with that horse!

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